The Transportation  Mobility Cloud


An operating system for transportation


The Transportation Mobility Cloud is a platform that will connect the diverse components of today’s urban mobility systems — connected vehicles, mass transit, pedestrians, city infrastructure and service providers — with the goal of orchestrating a safer, more efficient and sustainable transportation network. It is a flexible and secure platform that provides the necessary building blocks for smart mobility applications, such as routing self-driving cars, managing large-scale fleets or helping residents plan transit journeys.



An open community for mobility


We’re inviting the entire transportation community to join and help shape this shared platform — including automakers, large-scale fleet operators and public transit operators. We believe everyone can share in the value created by this new mobility platform. Users benefit from a new mobility experience, app developers can easily leverage connected vehicle capabilities (e.g. GPS and sensors), partners can access users and the platform’s capabilities, and connected vehicles will pull the services together.


The platform supports the drive toward full vehicle and transportation connectivity.

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Platform Capabilities

The Transportation Mobility Cloud provides bidirectional connectivity between vehicles and applications. Vehicle data is securely ingested, normalized and enriched in real-time. Developers can securely and easily access the processed data, be it telemetry, analytics, geolocation events or vehicle metadata, via APIs to support the rapid development of mobility services and applications.


The platform is being extended to facilitate the communication and information flow between a variety of transportation modes. New services that will be developed include data ingestion from sources such as V2X and AV sensors, payment processing, predictive analytics, and much more.